Some very important tips that you must follow in order to lose weight in the long term!

It is always difficult to maintain weight after a slimming diet. But did you know that there are good tips to apply to remedy this?

A slimming diet should not be done without the help of an expert or an expert. In fact, some of us decide to lose weight and do what we like. It’s a beginner’s mistake.

You definitely lose a few pounds. But you risk taking three times more at the end of the process. In this article, we will show you the tips of nutritionists during and after the application of the diet. Read to the end for the best tips.

Good habits after dieting to lose weight

There is no harm in following a slimming diet to lose extra weight. However, he is strict Do not stop it suddenly after practicing it. Experts advise stopping gradually so you don’t promote weight gain in the next month. Thus it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet so as not to spoil the efforts.

According to nutritionists, it is not a good idea to follow every slimming diet. Indeed, it is important to know your health condition before starting. In fact, restrictive diets can be detrimental to health because they decrease rapidly. calories per person. In addition, they prohibit foods that can be useful for the proper functioning of the body.

Like any other, these types of slimming regimens can cause nutritional imbalances that can turn into frustrations. That is why experts recommend a greedy but well-thought-out diet and its application to achieve weight loss. This allows it To avoid the yo-yo effect .

According to Dr. Blumi, a dietician, the “yo-yo” phenomenon is observed after applying a restrictive diet for slimming. In fact, practitioners tend to go back to their bad eating habits and go rapid weight gain Lost. And then like a “yo-yo” that goes back to the start to repeat the same lap. Therefore, it is better to include a high-calorie dish once a week. Rather, consume it in the evening so as not to promote weight gain.

The importance of tracking weight

When applying or following a slimming diet, it is always important to monitor the development of your weight. According to Dr. Blumy, you don’t do it every day but on average weekly. This habit will let you know if you gain weight. This will tell you if you need to take any steps to maintain your body mass.

Factors that can promote weight recovery after a slimming diet are nutritional imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, etc. It is up to you to find out what you have done wrong and act accordingly to maintain your weight. If you don’t take the right initiatives, you can a plus Obesity risks.

Regarding food, make sure it is always balanced and healthy even after following a slimming diet. We have already explained the reason a little bit above but Especially avoid snacking. Some nutritionists even advise against eating anything between meals, even fruits or vegetables, which are considered healthy foods.

Therefore, it is better to deprive yourself of them and avoid sweets, biscuits and pastries. They will do more harm than good, especially during the weight loss process. Note that if you do not follow these instructions, you risk gaining weight. quick and important Following your slimming regimen according to Dr. Bloomy.

Slimming Diet: Good Practices According to the Experts

As a meal, you should not skip breakfast while on a slimming diet. Experts say it is the most important meal of the day. Know that carbohydrates during this meal allow the blood sugar level to increase in order to highlight Attention and focus. However, it is important not to skip a meal when you are hungry. This bad habit only promotes weight gain because the body tends to store more calories for the next meal.

Finally, it is always essential to exercise during or after a slimming diet. This good habit helps maintain weight loss and maintain vitality. To do this, experts advise walking, yoga, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Target: to have fun While maintaining health and fitness.

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