Here are 15 techniques you should try this year to make up for your favorite foods and lose weight!

You want to diet to lose weight, but you don’t want to deprive yourself either. Discover our different techniques to easily replace your favorite foods.

Losing weight is the goal of many people who want to move forward and especially lose weight fast.

You have made the decision to stop eating fats and all those sweets that spoil your life to finally adopt a healthy and clear way of consuming. Here are some tips that will definitely allow you to make up for these elements.

Butter, a lying friend

And yes, this butter will not help you with the diet, it will hold you back more than anything else! This is the first reaction to be eliminated if you want to lose weight. Excessive consumption of butter does not really help to live properly. However, you should know that the wisest solutions are those that prefer, for example, all vegetable oil to avoid butter as much as possible.

Stay away from milk chocolate

It’s an ingredient that makes you really fat. And yes, milk chocolate is just a disaster for those who want to lose weight! It’s really hard not to fall into a bar of milk chocolate while tasting. It is customary to change it in the case of a diet and you can treat yourself with crackers.

Potatoes with vegetables

Green, don’t you seem to like it? In fact, it is important to eat vegetables! You’ll want to know that these are important elements to consider for an effective diet.

Replace the pasta

It’s also a solution to consider replacing starchy foods with whole-grain pasta. The advantage is that when you replace your pasta with whole pasta, which allows you to. It is essential to be able to lose weight easily.

Bacon vs Pork

Bacon is not recommended for dieting, and it is good to replace it with pork. Be careful not to make a difference in this particular case.


Taking fresh items is essential and it’s a good idea not to eat prepackaged items. You have to know how fruit tastes in moderation but with good quality and quantity.

cold meat

Who doesn’t love good sausage? And yes, whether for an aperitif or during a meal, it is essential not to overdo it and only consume it for an aperitif if you want to lose weight.

drink water

Instead of soda, it’s a staple we suggest you drink and it’s simply water. In fact, juices and soft drinks are industrial items and are not particularly recommended for a well-rounded diet.

Light appetizing

Do you want to eat light? You have to go through tomatoes and carrots which are vegetables that can be eaten at all times of the year. If you want to go about your diet, it is imperative that you keep your buddies eating and eat a well-balanced diet with them! Choose homemade, which will add flavor and quality to your dishes.

Make the right choices before buying

It is necessary to be able to move forward in life and above all to bet on quality. Choose low-fat, clean products such as low-fat yogurt or high-quality items.

Say goodbye to industrial authorities

The thing is that when you are on a diet, it is essential to know how to stick to it! Industrial salads should be banned from your diet!


Don’t skip the cheese because everyone loves Camembert or cheese like this one.

We stop the cream

It gives a creamy side to all dishes and yet is a disaster on the diet. In fact, it is important to be able to replace cream and butter with herbs and much simpler things. This will add a touch of simplicity to your dishes, you’ll see! Whether it’s cumin or even paprika for the finer things, it’s important to know how to eat right.

Fried chicken, grilled chicken

It is not absolutely necessary to eat fried chicken as it contains a lot of harmful fats for your diet.

good puree

Do you want to diet? Remember to choose the mashed potatoes well and avoid the cream as much as possible!

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