These are 8 exercises that will allow you to improve yourself before the fall according to experts!

Exercise helps a lot in losing weight! Here are 8 exercises to test at home or outdoors to improve yourself.

We can’t say it enough, exercise is your best ally for effective weight loss. But more than that, it is a way to protect yourself from all kinds of chronic diseases.

This is especially the case in the case of overweight, cardiovascular disorders or diabetes. Those who want to improve themselves before falling have all the interest to practice it now. Here are 8 exercises you should incorporate into your routine to be in top shape!

Weight loss: the least intense activity!

If you are not used to exercising, there is no point in forcing yourself to do very intense exercises. This will discourage you more than push you to practice it over time. That’s why professionals recommend easy, low-intensity activities to start losing weight. This is especially the case Walking.

Moderate intensity allows you to work most of the muscles in your body. Especially since it can be practiced everywhere! In particular, you can choose to go to the office on foot or simply do the shopping and that’s it. Depending on your pace, you can increase the number of calories burned. In all cases, 30 minutes This activity will be more than enough to help you.

You can also refer to Yoga or Pilates To help you lose weight. These two activities can be practiced at different levels. In any case, they won’t need your stamina too much. Enough to allow you to move your body while relaxing. Especially since it can also be practiced from home.

The tutorials and apps for performing these exercises are numerous. In addition to losing weight, you can reap many benefits! This is particularly the case for take care of your posture. Working all your muscles will also help you release bad energies. Health professionals recommend doing up to 30 minutes a day for beginners.

High intensity exercise activities

If you are already used to exercise and want to further lose weight, then some activities will be recommended. This is especially the case Running and jogging. This exercise is a more effortless alternative to walking. Be warned, it requires good preparation for you to take advantage of all its advantages. This in particular means a good warm-up before the session.

Since it is a harder activity, weight loss is greater for those who practice it. Be aware, moreover, that a A 30 minute session will help you burn about 372 calories. Again, it will take persistence for the effects to be permanent. And if you can’t do it all week, alternate with less intense activity.

Along the same lines, you can also promote weight loss by doing this from the bike. This activity is more fun than it looks. It works the lower body muscles a lot. So it’s perfect if you want rounded or tonal back legs. Take the opportunity to go for a walk and discover the surroundings of your home!

The HIIT or interval training It is also recommended for weight loss! This activity is one of the fastest activities you can do. It will only take you 10 or 20 minutes to take advantage of all its benefits. However, you must be prepared to sweat through each pore once the session is over!

Weight loss: what about original activities?

Have no desire to engage in classic weight loss activities? So I know that swimming An interesting physical alternative! The latter again works all your muscles. But on top of that, you will have to do a lot of breathing work. As many health benefits as you can imagine.

BodyBuilding It is also very popular now. This weight loss activity is very targeted. The different series of exercises offered by the trainers will help you find the shapes that suit you!

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