5 ideas for hairstyles for spring 2022 to do with a hair straightener!

Here comes spring, the perfect time to take full advantage of the sun alone or with your loved ones. And like every season, there are hair trends to get a look or change your look. What are the best hairstyles to look like this spring?

We found you Best Hair Styles Which will be a hit this season, to breed at home using a hair straightener or another material such as a curling iron.

Bottleneck bong

Spotted on celebrities like Margot Robbie and Lily Collins Bottleneck bong She is undoubtedly one of the Key Hair Trends for Spring 2022.

The advantage of this cut is that Fits all face types. They are a finer fringe at the top and thicker in the ears and eyebrows. If the strands in the middle of the forehead should be a little short, then there should be a denser mass with a greater length when going down along the cheekbones.

You may know her as bangs top bottle. Inspired by the 70’s, it is very easy to make. First, you divide your hair into two parts. Then you dry it with a stretch Adjustable temperature hair dryer Then you devalue the bangs by choosing the style that works best for you.

wet look

The wet hairstyle It’s not over. It must be admitted that this hair style has an elegant and sexy touch. Which literally makes you fall under her spell. Perfect for curly, fine or wavy hair, the wet look gives the illusion that you just got out of the water.

To create this look, the hair must of course be wet first. Then we put it back in by combing it before flattening it with a product like gel, wax or hair oil. These treatments provide Holds your hair betterMaintains and resists frizz. You can buy it on Cdiscount or Amazon for a price Affordable price.


Braids today suit all hair types, not just Afro hair. Great news for everyone who wants to clone it this spring. There are many variants, but the ones that take precedence are Cornrose and the Knot.

The braid ears It is also very popular because Highlights the beauty of long hair. You can also rely on the front braid to spice up your style.

long bob with fringe

If you are looking for Soft twist lengths For more volume, a long square with bangs is the hairstyle of choice. In this style, the length of the tufts is between the chin and the shoulders. It should be noted that it gives fullness to an oval and narrow face.

long bob with fringe

To recreate it at home in a few seconds, get a file High quality hair straightenerbut also styling mousse, high gloss hairspray, mini round brush and heat protectant treatment.

Start by spreading the styling product over your washed hair and then use a heat protection treatment to counteract the effects of the heat. Dry them by brushing them with a small round brush and turning the ends outward. Go to individual tuft strand using a hair iron. For the final touch, dab a bit of hairspray to set your hairstyle.

curtain fringe

Curtain margin can be defined as a The bangs are rather thick and long. The styling technique involves sweeping the sides of the face and making the strands of hair cut straight or slightly rounded. This hair trend is for oval faces, as it restructures the features and for those who have straight, wavy or straight hair.

If your hair is curly or fine, you will need more time to succeed without forgetting to put in a little finesse. To get this hairstyle, it is It is necessary to go through the brushing phase using a round brush or a Ceramic hair straightening brush.

With regard to the use of the straightening iron, specialists believe that it is best to avoid it so as not to dry the hair too much. You wish, if you can Tie the curtain bangs in a high ponytail Or a wavy hairstyle obtained with a Remington or Babyliss curling iron.

Other Hairstyles You Have The Right To Wear This Spring

It is intended to be slightly loosened in order to smooth the face. It is a style Sublimation of your straightening.

  • Cut Medium Length Layered

It provides those with fine hair the ability to maintain length by increasing volume upwards.

Short hair will be very prominent this spring. We distinguish several styles to tell you that there is something for everyone. For our part, we fall into shagGreat on wavy and curly hair.

Equip yourself with the right iron to recreate these trendy hairstyles

To reproduce some of these hairstyles, you will need hair styling equipment such as a curling iron, and a hair straightener. Therefore, we recommend quality deviceVersatile will bring you a file professional resultLike getting out of the beauty salon. Feel free to turn to brands specialized in this field such as:

  • Ghd with sound GHD Max Styler Equipped with wide panels
  • Madame Paris with Model 2 in 1 Nina
  • L’Oreal Professional with Steampod 3.0 Steam Iron
  • Babyliss who presents us Babyliss ST389E
  • Remington with hair straightener S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro
  • Ultron hair straightener 2 mach black titanium Equipped with floating panels
  • saint algae with sound Steam hair straightener from Demeliss.

What do these hair straighteners have in common? They have Best Features To help you recreate your favorite look in no time. We refer here to ion function that protects against frizz and Highlights hair shinetourmaline, ceramic or titanium coating for plates, and adjustable temperatureWith innovative heating technology.

Equip yourself with the right iron to recreate these trendy hairstyles
Get the right hair straightener

Lots of positive points that show that they are among the Best in class products. So it makes perfect sense to turn to these brands to make your choice. You will find these hair straighteners in stock on Cdiscount or Amazon, at attractive prices but also on the websites of these brands. And you can even Get free delivery.

Our last word

If you don’t yet know which hairstyle to adopt for spring and summer, now you know the hairstyles that will be all the rage this season. It’s up to you to figure out which one suits your preferences and reproduce it at home with the best straightening irons or curling irons. As for hair dryers, models are mentioned in particular Remington Prolux You And Babyliss Super Power 2400. If the first is characterized by it Advanced ceramic and diamond coatingThe second reveals to him a HIGH PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY It gives you a smooth, frizz-free finish. Like high-quality hair straighteners, it comes with features that allow it to do so take care of your hair while highlighting their beauty.

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